Separating Reality from Delusion is a particularly challenging proposition particularly because we don’t consider ourselves to be deluded in the first place.

At least most of us that is, consider ourselves to be fairly well educated formally or self taught through the Internet with an informed worldview.

The question that really should be asked is: “Is what I’m experiencing actually reality or am I just bumping up against the (deluded) limitations of my belief systems and or conditioned concepts of what is possible?”

Some of our conditioning is constructed on the simple fact that we accepted that a thing or collection of things or events are the way they are because they were presented to us by someone with Ignorance (lack of knowledge) of the the truth of it. Other belief systems are formulated as story’s we construct from direct experience, the way we explain to ourselves what is happening to us and why.

And of course a measurable chunk of our deluded world view can be pinned to manipulation and Indoctrination in cases where Individuals or collectives have a vested interest to distort reality for personal gain or to protect themselves.

The real beauty of living in a bubble of self delusion is that it’s not apparent, our delusions form and become normalised very quickly becoming the invisible landscape which shapes the way we perceive and interact with everything.

Much like the brain has plasticity, like river banks shift and erode and build up silt as the flow changes, the mind formulates an evolving approximation of reality.

So the beginning of the process of separating reality from delusion is conceding that you are deluded, that everything you think you know (even the stuff that you really really know is real (like the new indoctrination that came when you became aware of the old indoctrination!) isn’t.

Confronting the highly likely possibility that everything you think you know about the world- your place in it, about the universe and your responsibility to serve it, the narrative that you tell yourself about who and what you are and what you are doing here is not the full picture.

The good news is that the power of the Individual to overcome these types of conditioning is far superior to the force of the distortion and everyone can gain self knowledge to overcome this deluded conditioning.

But who is anyone really to judge what is real and what is delusion, when it is the delusional perspective, the deluded analytical mind doing the evaluation on itself?

To make any progress we need to get out of our mind and experience awareness without the influence of the information delivered from sensory experience

But how?